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Recruiting Position:
1、Daily financial accounting, accounting voucher, tax work;
2、The company's financial statements, checking the related transactions,consolidating the statements and conducting financial analysis;
3、Familiar with basic operation process of freight industry.Strong business sense and
negotiation skills, strong development ability.
4、Foreign trade salesman, foreign trade documentary, overseas sales representative,overseas business representative, experience is preferred.
5、Overseas customers and agency resources are preferred.Have certain management ability.

1、College degree or above, major in international trade, shipping, freight and customs declaration, foreign trade, English, etc.
2、International logistics or international freight forwarding operation experience,familiar with freight forwarding operation process, container freight forwarding operation, customer service for more than 1 year working experience.
3、Strong sense of customer service, able to work under pressure.
4、Cheerful personality, meticulous work, careful work, strong sense of responsibility,responsiveness and communication and coordination ability, good team spirit.
5、Familiar with office software and skilled use.